The Morning Room

Good Morning!  When we had our house built 4 years ago, we had a room called the “morning room” added on to the backside of our house.  I don’t know why it is called a “morning room”, but I do get the cheery morning sun!  During the past four years, this room as had a variety of furniture – an extra couch and chair, then  a set of wicker furniture,  then back to a couch, then back to wicker, back to just an oversized chair…then for a few months this spring, it had nothing in it. Just a rug on the floor, milk chocolate colored walls, 5 windows, a half round window and a French door that opened to the backyard.  I just didn’t have a vision for this room… (And I apologize that  I don’t have any “before” pictures…I just wasn’t thinking! But you can hopefully get the idea.)

Then one day, while shopping at the local thrift store with my sister and my daughter, I came across a  wooden  couch and matching chair.  The set had outdated floral cushions, but the set was made in Conover NC and was structurally in great shape.  I thought it would be a perfect fit for the morning room.

I do have a before picture of the couch, as I sent it to my friend, Georgine, for advice!  (What can I do about that middle back cushion?!!)

I thought the floral cushions might even work, until my Most Wonderful Husband asked me what I had in mind for covering the cushions…. So I went shopping and  I fell in love with this  found this fabric at Joann Fabrics.  I love the red and yellow.

I covered the couch and chair cushions.

Then I made some pillows to grace the new cushions.

I used a strip of cushion fabric and and tacked on some buttons!

Candlewicking seriously needs to make a comeback. I made this pillow DECADES ago.
I had a piece of red silk and a piece of brown, I sewed them together and added white buttons around the edges.
The brown side..
A random plaid pillow but the colors are right!
This quilted applique pillow was made from instructions from this site

Next, we bought brown wooden roman shades  from the Home Depot. These are perfect for when that “cheery” summer sun is heating up the room!

We (my Most Wonderful Husband and I) hung butter yellow curtains on black rods in front of the shades.  I love the warm, rich feel of the result.

Here is a day time shot and I plan to take an evening one soon.  The problem with the day pictures is that you cannot see the blinds!

I finished the room with my grandmother’s antique  coffee table,  a marble top side table made by my late and dear Uncle Jim, and another small table.  The whimsical birds came from Dollar General!!  The beautiful glass stars were made by my very talented sister, Amy!

I needed to put curtains on my french doors, so I used what I had, magnetic curtain rods (I do plan on spraying them black one of these days…) I pulled them together with a tie back and a red button.

This is now one of my favorite places in my home to come to in the early morning.  With a mug of coffee (and maybe an oatmeal cookie or two) I begin my day with a quiet time with the Lord Jesus and my Bible and journal.  I am so blessed.

Okay, here is my cliff hanger…Amy is designing  a stained glass window for the half round window!!!  YAY!!! stay tuned…..


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